“Prayer Songs created by my friend Jeff Nelson will inspire your times of prayer. It has been a blessing to me.”- Michael W. Smith, Christian Recording Artist

“Jeff Nelson has mastered the various musical crafts; his skill is excellent. But Jeff also knows The Sound. The first time I ever heard him touch a keyboard, I knew that he knew the sound that flows down from the eternal realm. And that is more important than all the technical excellence on earth.” - Ed Chinn, Author

“Jeff Nelson must have been born with a song in his heart.  His music is his tool to express his praise to his LORD.  His considerable skill and the beauty of his compositions continue to glorify the LORD and bless the hearer.” - Elaine Bleakney 

“Jeff's music has the ability to consistently bring me into the presence of the Lord.  He has the ability to lead into a deep and meaningful worship experience consistently. I mean, whenever he sits down at the keyboard, it all happens in the right way.  Love his wonderful God-given talent.” - T Blankenship 

“Jeff Nelson's music expresses the heart of any believer who longs for the presence of the Creator and King of the Universe. If your core yearns and eagerly pursues the One Who sets the stars in place and keeps the planets on their courses, Jeff's music will be the perfectaccompaniment to those sentiments, prayers and deep desires of the soul.  Allow the depth of yourself to find release in the Arms of Father and let the soothing sound of His whispers be found in melodious currents and embracing harmonies.”  - Alex Delgado, Worshipper

“I play Jeff's instrumentals every single day, during my prayer and Bible study hour. It draws the Holy Spirit! We also use it as background music for our group Bible study and it is perfect during prayer time. I rely on its precious calm. Our new ministry "Encouraging Word" was birthed with his music.”  - Debbie Baird

"Jeff's obvious musical skills are only surpassed by his passion for worship. Jeff is the real deal" - Mark Baldwin, Guitarist and Artist

“I purchased all of Jeff’s Prayer Songs and several songs from other CDs. Our home now hosts the heavenly music that has become my place of holy of holies. We keep it on continuous play in our rotation every single day. There is not a single person who visits here that leaves without inquiring about our heavenly background music. Prayer Songs has been the facilitator of times in His presence and many tears that I have so needed. God is using Jeff’s music to heal my heart and draw me close to Him. I feel the Holy Spirit had me in His mind when He gave some of these songs to Jeff. It is an unexplainable work that through these living songs I am changing, hearing the Lord speak and feeling Him loving me.”  - Colleen A

“Jeff Nelson, Wow!  The real deal… music just rushes from his fingertips to the keyboard in praise. Worshipping with Jeff brings me closer to the throne of my Savior. His instrumental music is soothing, relaxing as well as uplifting. I love traveling with Jeff and his keyboard on CD’s. My wailing granddaughter (when an infant) went from screeching to humming along to Jeff’s lovely piano playing. His music is like a blanket of God’s love spread over you."   - Mariyln B

"My husband and I enjoy the simple beauty of just Jeff at the piano. It brings a lot of peace after dealing with the world all day. I have given his 'Prayer Songs' CD's as a gift to a friend who remarked on how it blessed her in just that way." - Carol Makowski