Growing up in Houston, TX Jeff’s early love for music inspired him to learn piano and he began singing in school and church choirs. Jeff became a Christian as a young teenager and began to realize he had a purpose in music ministry. After graduation from Baylor University, he advanced into songwriting, worship leading and as a recording artist.

As a pianist and keyboard artist, Jeff Nelson has recorded dozens of songs, which have been released in the United States, Korea, and Japan.  Perhaps his most beloved of recordings in the states has been the Prayer Songs series, and in Korea, the Trinity Piano series.

Sharing his music kept Jeff busy with traveling throughout the country and internationally, yet the Lord opened another frontier when a friend asked Jeff to produce a recording for him. The recording was successful and soon afterwards Jeff started a production company producing Christian artists. For more about Jeff's production company visit:

Jeff currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Jenny.  He has twin sons and four wonderful grand children.