Welcome to Jeff Nelson Music. Enjoy browsing through some samples of Jeff’s relaxing improvisational piano instrumentals and other recordings.  As a pianist and keyboard artist, Jeff Nelson has recorded dozens of songs which have been released in the United States, Korea, and Japan. Perhaps his most beloved of recordings in the states is the Prayer Songs series, and in Korea, the Trinity Piano series.

One thing that is unique about Jeff's piano creations is the fact that he often has no idea what he is going to play until he sits down at the instrument. The LongPlay series is no exception, each piece being spontaneous and free flowing. On each volume of this series, there will be two songs that are at least 30 minutes long, and one that is 10 to 15 minutes long. Whether one calls this style soaking, contemplative, or ambient music, the intent of the artist is to enhance that special connection that we have with our heavenly Father. Whatever the reason for listening, please enjoy the journey.