Time for a Stretch

As a music producer and pianist, I spend lots of time sitting at the keyboards (the musical one and the computer one).  For decades I have been using my hands and arms for many hours a day.  For the past few weeks, I have been experiencing severe pain in my left arm, undoubtedly the build up of years of overuse.  The muscles are so accustomed to being in a certain stance that they get frozen in that position.  Medical advisors and therapists have encouraged rest, but also lots of slow, gentle stretching to ensure that this condition doesn’t continue.  Elongating a muscle before it’s use greatly reduces the risk of injury or fatigue.
As I have been going through this process of stretching in new directions, the parallels in the spiritual realm seem to follow along closely.  We have lots of things that need to be stretched;  our thinking and imagining, our faith and the capacity of our heart's to believe.  Jesus is our personal Trainer and Healer, knows how to lead us out of our limitations.  He has certainly done this before, and is sticking with us through the process.  Right now, with Him in the room, we can bend a little more, bow a little more, reach a little more, extend a little more, receive a little more, believe a little more.  The more time we spend with our King, the more we posture ourselves to experience the height, width, length and depth of unwavering love.  He will help us get in alignment with Who He is, and with His amazing plans for us (Jer. 29:11).  Ready for a stretch?


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