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Welcome to my blog!  This is a place that I hope to share some things that are important to me.  Whether it is tidbits of insight into the music craft, funny stories, or thoughts about God and life, this is the place that I will post them first. Feel free to add your thoughts and thumbs, and share what is share-worthy.  It’s good to have you here.
My mother, during her last years, discovered the joy of using a computer, emailing, and surfing the web.  She explained to me one day, “Now people write down their thoughts on a blob for everyone to see.”  Hopefully this will be much more than just an average blob.  My heart wants to say something hopeful, encouraging, or fun.  Thanks for joining me.
Please take a moment, and check out my brand new piano improvisations, now available on iTunes for download.  If you like peaceful, contemplative, stress-relieving music, this is for you.  If you liked the PrayerSongs series, you will want to download LongPlay.  One of the songs from LongPlay 1, Freely,  is featured on this beautiful YouTube video.  Enjoy!


Gretta Gibbs Harrison said on July 04, 2017:

All praises be to Our God for your sentiments of His Love in spirit filled piano music!!… This is the way I’m enjoying this 4th of July. Freedom is truly in the Lord. Peace is truly in understanding our purpose in Yaweh. Deliverance is in the awesome gift of talent we share among each other for winning the world to Yeshua. ..I found you while seeking a music producer for the purpose of continuing my work for God through song. It’s the 4th of July! a holiday celebrated by many. I will give you a call on the 5th of July (tomorrow!). ..My name is Gretta Gibbs Harrison: I am a singer/dependent songwriter in God and with God, a pianist/accompanist for myself. and seeking you for financial help in my music/singing purpose for God. I don’t believe in any way this is a mistake to reach out to you; one who understands the love that is given to us from God and the love that we need to give back because of the love of God. To be complete in Him is what I’m always working towards. To partner with someone(s) with the same agenda is life changing for the cause of Christ. ..Enjoy the taste God has given you, while enjoying the 4th of July. ..Grateful to listen to the peace in your piano playing Mr. Nelson, Gretta.

Israel said on March 23, 2016:


Debbie Baird said on September 29, 2014:

The new LongPlay series will be perfect for my snow days of fasting and reading. Thank God for your gentle moving spirit. Such talent and depth!

Leighton Linninf said on June 28, 2014:

We look forward to thoughts, music and insights!

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